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Get shifts easily and quickly with Cyber Nurse!

Dealing with lots of agencies is a headache. You get different voicemail messages which take time to respond to - especially if you're in the middle of a busy shift. By that time, maybe the shift has been filled!

With Cyber Nurse, booking your next shift is as easy and as fast sending an SMS!

Here's how it works in three easy steps:
Step 1: You get an SMS telling you which hospital and which ward needs a nurse - and how much they are prepared to pay.

Step 2: You decide if you want to work for that hospital on that date for that rate.

Step 3: If you do, simply reply to the SMS with the word Yes.
If you don't want to work for that hospital or on that shift, then just ignore the SMS. It's completely up to you.

You then get an SMS confirming your shift.

The hospital has no way of knowing that you received that SMS, so until you say you want the shift, nobody knows who you are.

Look at these benefits:

  • No more arguments about what the hospital agreed to pay you.
  • What the SMS says is what you get paid!
  • Being tax-compliant means you can claim for transport. This means up to an extra R25 a shift in your pocket!
  • You can sleep well at night knowing that your tax affairs are up to date.
  • The hospitals you usually work with can get hold of you faster
  • Your phone won't ring on your shift or when you're sleeping
  • You can tell the system which shifts you want to work - or don't want to work. No more calls booking you when you're busy elsewhere.
  • Sending an SMS only takes a few seconds, instead of trying to find five minutes during a busy shift to phone somebody back.
  • It's much cheaper to send an SMS than to phone somebody back
  • You can choose where to work without registering for different agencies. Now you can go on holiday and book a few extra shifts at your destination to help pay for it!

By becoming part of the Cyber Nurse database you can organise shifts with a simple answer of yes to an SMS. The sign up process is simple, doesn't cost a cent, and requires only your contact details, ID number and SANC receipt.

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As Cyber Nurse grows so do the benefits:

  • Special bond rates
  • A points system with a reward scheme
  • Training
  • Deals with retail outlets
  • Hospitals can contact you with permanent positions, helping you find permanent employment

    No other agency can offer you these benefits!

Cyber Nurse gives you a simpler way to get shifts. No more phone calls in the night or worry about rates of pay. You can have all this with just one SMS!

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