Q: Is the booking seen by other people?

A: No, the only person who can see your bookings are the people who have the password.

Q: Why can’t hospitals see the identity of the nurses they’re trying to book before the nurses respond?
A: Firstly, the identity of the nurse is Cyber Nurse's intellectual property. Secondly, and more importantly, the nurse has to decide whether to work for the hospital, and she has to feel safe using the system.
Q: Does the hospital get good nurses?

A: All nurses are screened and have a current SANC receipt.

Q: What if the nurse doesn’t arrive?

A: If the hospital or the nurse cancels within 4 hours of the shift, they have to pay a penalty.

Q: Will other hospitals have access to my nurses using the system?

A: Yes they will, and there's no way of knowing that your nurses are on the system. This is already a reality - you have no way of knowing which of your nurses are registered with agencies.

You are getting the benefits of accessing a large pool of nurses, and no nurse can be booked through the system for two consecutive shifts.

Q: What’s the hidden catch?

A: Actually, it's a pretty simple system. It's an online nurse booking agency. The main difference is that we do our bookings using SMS, where other agencies and hospitals spend a lot of time phoning.

There's no cost to join and we pay for the SMSs. And Cyber Nurse is currently charging less than other agencies. It's as simple as that.

Q: What if I reply Yes to an SMS and I don’t get the job?

A: That can happen. Maybe somebody sent the SMS before you did, or maybe the hospital got lots of replies for that shift. There will be another shift.

Q: What if my own hospital sends me an SMS asking me to work?

A: You just ignore that SMS. The hospital doesn't actually know you got the SMS, because the hospital didn't send the SMS. The SMS comes from Cyber nurse. The hospitals only know who you are once you reply to the SMS.

Q: I’m a nurse. Who pays for the SMS that I have to send?

A: You pay for that SMS. It's a lot cheaper than making a call, but you do need to have enough air time to send the SMS. You can't send the SMS from your friend's phone.