Testimonials from nurses

"The team at Cybernurse treats me with the decency, respect and appreciation for my contribution to the Health Care needs of others"...Jenny

"At last! A nursing agency who understands nurses"...Marriane

"I am impressed by the level of service I received from all at Cybernurse"...Rosemary

"Thanks to the sms facility that Cybernurse offers me I now have the option to choose the shifts I prefer to work at the different hospitals"...Wanita

"The pay office is to be commended for its consistency in accuracy, promptness and willingness to assist with queries and concerns"...Doris

"Wow! A payslip with every payment"...Irene

"Cybernurse open door approach has created a sense of value and empowerment. I feel like an integrated member of a creative and innovative team"...Sue

"Finally I can budget on my earnings even before I start my shift. Cybernurse made it possible by showing me on the sms the exact rate per hour." ...Tandi