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The most efficient way to find nursing staff

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Cyber Nurse helps hospitals find nurses for specific shifts, whether you're planning in advance, or have a crisis on your hands. Hospitals can search for nurses online and have the option to SMS them to check availability. Alternatively the Cyber Nurse call centre will make the arrangements.

For nurses, being a part of Cyber Nurse provides opportunities to work extra shifts and supplement your income.

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Testimonials from nurses
"The team at Cybernurse treats me with the decency, respect and appreciation for my contribution to the Health Care needs of others"...Jenny
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News & Opinions

Can technology nurse hospitals through change?
( 05 December 2007 )
An national on-line booking system for nurses makes sense for hospitals.
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Can Cyber Nurse alleviate the nursing skills crisis?
( 05 December 2007 )
The nursing skills shortage makes headlines in the SA media almost weekly, and it's too much to expect a web site to solve the country's nursing crisis.
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