An extra shift is just a moment away

You're a hospital...
And you run a busy ward which is suddenly short-staffed. You need a nurse fast!

  • The Cyber Nurse System will enable you to send SMSes to available nurses (at no cost to you). When they respond, you can choose which nurse to hire for that shift.
  • With one click, the booking is done. Total time:less than 60 seconds. No more sitting on the phone to half a dozen agencies trying to track down nurses.
  • Now, finding the right nurse is as simple - and as quick -- as pressing a button.

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You're a nurse...
...and you'd like to work another shift to bring in some extra money.

  • Register with Cyber Nurse at no cost, and the work comes straight to your cellphone!
  • You get an SMS with the name of the hospital, the ward and the rate they will pay.
  • No more phoning back to see if the position is filled.
    If you want to work that shift, just reply "yes" to the SMS.
  • You choose which shifts to work - and at which hospitals!

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