Compliance & legal

Cyber Nurse is 100% secure and reliable

Cyber Nurse is tax compliant

No SARS compliance headaches. Cybernurse is fully tax compliant and makes the necessary deductions for its nurses in accordance with SARS IRP 30.

Cyber Nurse is completely secure

  • Hospital administrators are issued with a user name and password. It's up to the administrators to keep this information as safe as possible
  • Each hospital group also has a main administrator name and password, which protects the financial and other information stored on the system
  • Nobody can access the hospital's records, except the hospital
  • The nurses are not referred to by name on the site. The only time the hospital can see the nurse's name is when she replies to the booking request SMS
  • Nurses are issued with a Cyber Nurse code, which allows hospitals to book specific nurses again - with her permission

Cyber Nurse is reliable

The system is maintained by Cyber Nurse and is accessed through the Internet. There's no way for anybody to get to the hospital's internal systems using Cyber Nurse since the two systems aren't connected.

Cyber Nurse is fully integrated into a VIP payroll system.