For hospital groups

Find a nurse and save money with Cyber Nurse.

You can now get an intra-group discount on all temporary nurses with Cyber Nurse. Groups can save millions of rands in agency fees alone, just by taking advantage of the group discount. And that would be enough for you to consider dealing with Cyber Nurse. But Cyber Nurse comes with extra benefits especially for hospital groups.

Because Cyber Nurse is a computerised system it's easy to get management information. For example:

  • What your group spends on temporary nurses
  • How much your booking fees are across the group
  • Who booked which nurse
  • Whether one of your group hospitals is booking another of you group hospital's full-time staff.
  • How much each of your group hospitals pays per shift. For the first time, you can see if some your hospitals are paying more for the same nurses - on the day they are booked, and not a month later when the payroll figures come in.
  • What your hospital group's staffing trends are across time allowing you to plan better

Did you know that it can take approximately four hours of phoning to book a single nurse?

If you multiply the phone costs and the cost of the nurse doing the phoning throughout your group, the cost is substantial.
Now you can book nurses using Cyber Nurse, without picking up the phone.

Instead of booking them one by one, your hospitals can book as many nurses as they need, all with a single click.
And with thousands of nurses on our books already, it makes sense to deal with Cyber Nurse as your sole agency across the group.

Using one system makes sense at a group level, especially since Cyber Nurse ties directly into your payroll system.

No more compliance worries:

  • Cyber Nurse is fully IRP 30 compliant
  • You can't book a Cyber Nurse for two consecutive shifts - even if he/she has worked at another hospital, because the system won't allow it.
  • All nurses on the system have current references and SANC receipts

Compliance and Legal

All these are benefits of Cyber Nurse at group level. There are many more benefits for individual hospitals too. Just click here